Digital Illustration Projects
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Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration is a worthwhile and more viable option to photography and has largely replaced ‘traditional’ illustration. This has been due to the quick turn-around time to produce, is editable, and is deliverable anywhere, at any time, as online servers make it reasonably quick to upload and download for final output to press.

There’s a huge choice of software applications available to choose from and create work in. I often combine digital artwork or illustration with 3D work due to the photo-real capabilities of the 3D applications, as they’re able to produce high-quality renders. Traditional illustration techniques are matched by modern tools available in the software used.

Digital illustration is the use of digital tools to produce images on a computer by an artist, usually by using a digital tablet or a mouse. It is distinguishable from computer-generated artwork and can be produced by combining traditional illustrations and supplementing them with work finalized on a computer.

The digital illustration styles worked in are various and most media or techniques can be emulated to meet a particular client’s objectives.

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